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About Eliis

ELIIS is an online system that provides innovative and digital solutions for pre-schools and kindergartens to organize their teaching. There are currently about 7000 kindergarten teachers and managers using ELIIS in its daily work, in addition to parents and local government officials. Our service includes a user friendly diary, a comfortable management of child information, thorough communications module, detailed statistics, reporting, and many other features that are useful for kindergarten teachers, nursery managers, municipal employees, as well as parents.



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Infobit Ltd. is a server hosting and information systems developer company, whose goal is to bring highly reliable IT support services and integrated solutions for both small and large enterprises, while maintaining a simple and transparent service management.


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ANC Dining is the most widely used program among organizations in Estonia who are dealing with the catering for children, young people and older people, because the ANC system includes almost all functionalities needed for catering, and because it's constantly being updated according to the needs of the customers.


ELIIS is used by more than 300 educational institutions in Estonia, which makes ELIIS one of the biggest software solution in Estonia for educational institutions. ELIIS is also used in several foreign countries. There are about 100,000 person records entered into ELIIS.


ELIIS is a secure system
which has also been registered with the Data Protection Inspectorate!




  • Monitoring child development
  • Reading notifications
  • Sending messages
  • Events calendar
  • Gallery
  • Digital development map

A parent has a convenient way to have a say in class activities, to be aware of your child's and kindergarten's doings, browse pictures of events and be in a direct contact with teachers.


  • Digital Diary
  • Creating polls
  • Week plans/month plans
  • School readiness maps
  • Messaging
  • Document Management

Simple, convenient and paperless environment for all kindergarten employees. Compact communication with parents. All documents in one place. More time to deal with children.

Gov. officials

  • Reporting and statistics
  • Document Management
  • Management of Organizations
  • Occupancy
  • Contacts

Comprehensive reporting and statistics about meals and occupancy. Ability to see teachers and class listings. Send notices or messages to kindergarten employees or parents.


Diaries, notifications, messaging, events calendar, development maps, polls, weekly plans, monthly plans, school readiness cards, document management, reporting, settings, applications, annual goals, contacts, archiving, games


Using ELIIS is free for parents and teachers. A monthly service fee applies to local governments or kindergartens and it depends on the number of classes in the kindergarten. All new subscribers are entitled to 3 months of free trial period, after which the cost of the service will be based on the number of classes.

  • 1 class (~20 children)
  • 4 classes (~80 children)
    30€ month
  • 7 classes (~140 children)
    45€ month
  • 2 classes (~40 children)
    20€ month
  • 5 classes (~100 children)
    35€ month
  • 8 classes (~160 children)
    50€ month
  • 3 classes (~60 children)
    25€ month
  • 6 classes (~120 children)
    40€ month
  • 9+ classes (180+ children)
    55€ month
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Discounts for larger organizations

All prices include VAT. The monthly fee includes a support service, hosting and system updates.
A class having less than 23 children is still considered as one class.

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  • abi@eliis.ee
  • M-F 08:00-17:00
  • Phone 600 1830